Latest Google Maps have changed their policy. According to the new terms, an API Key is a must while you use it in a particular domain or an application created after 22nd June 2016.

Here are the steps you can follow in order to make your own google maps API key:

Step 1

Follow this link in order to generate your key

Step 2

Choose services like below image

Step 3

Create new project or use existing project like image below

Step 4

Create billing account.

Step 5

Click to next for enable API’s

Step 6

Click to My Projects and type your project name and select project by clicking on name of your project like image below.

Step 7

Choose Credentials from left menu and create API Key like image below

Step 8

Copy this key and paste in your Options Panel > Map Settings section like image below.

Add your domain name to the settings page like the image below.

Please read below article;

Step 9

Choose Library from left menu and make sure you added below API’s

Step 10

If you see a warning icon on your Apı Key, please choose Credentials menu from left menu then click on your Apı Key name