We recommend to use Auto Update instead of using manual update system.

Before starting to update, prepare the theme folder you will install.

If you downloaded Point Finder theme by clicking on “All files & documentation” link, extract the zip file that you downloaded and use the files inside the pointfinder folder for setup. If you downloaded it by clicking on “Installable WordPress Only” link, extract this zip file and use pointfinder folder for installation.


  1. Connect to FTP with any FTP Client software.
  2. Find and open the pointfinder folder in wp-content > themes folder from the location where WordPress is installed.
  3. Upload all files inside the pointfinder folder which you prepared before into this folder.

After this process, all files related to the theme are updated and a new version is installed. Your saved information will not be affected by this update. This process only covers updating of the files. If you made changes in the main theme file, these changes will be lost. For this reason, please always use Child Theme in processes like this.

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