E-mail admin panel filters sent emails by being integrated into an existing WordPress email system. Previously saved settings of the email system will be restored automatically after installation. The only thing you should do is to edit the PF Settings > Email Settings section. You will be able to find details of other sections if you view the help topics below.
IMPORTANT: If you have made a new installation, you must configure the Email Settings section.

Email Permissions

In this section, you can perform some limitations for e-mail sending. You can cancel or permit e-mail sending for some processes.

Email Settings

In this section, you can change the information to be shown in sent e-mails.

Email Content

In this section, you change contents of all e-mails sent by our system. Moreover, you can also change title and subject sections of the e-mails using this section. Using the variables (%%variable%%) indicated in the description next to each e-mail content, you can ensure these fields in the e-mail content to be filled by the system automatically.

Email Template

In this section, you can change the design of e-mails which are sent. Sample e-mail design which is shown in the images on the left side is made by using this section.

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