If you want to use demo content information manually for some reason, download the zip file from “All files & documentation” option at Themeforest, and extract it into the demo_content folder. You will find three folders inside of the demo_content folder. You should decide a mode to install and proceed next step.

Point Finder Quick Setup allows you to perform your theme’s first configuration quickly without dealing with installation procedures. In a few minutes, you can configure your theme similar to our demo website or as a blank one.

For the setup process the detailed descriptions of the options are as follows;

  1. Go to Appearance > Import Demo Data section from WordPress backend.
  2. Click to Switch to manual import! link.
  3. Choose content.xml to install demo content.
  4. Choose theme_options.json for install Redux Options.
  5. Click to Import Demo Data and complete import operation.
  6. Open Options Config Panels from PF Settings menu to the left and install every option panel settings by using the Import & Export tool. You can find option panel export files into the demo_content folder.
  7. In order to set up a homepage, add a new page from “Pages” section, name it as Home page, and choose “A static page below” from Front page displays in Settings > Readings section.
  8. You can edit your menus from Appearance > Menus section. Also you should determine “Main Menu”or “Footer Menu” from Theme Locations section.
  9. After these processes are completed, you should upload your logo, create your pages and configure your website. You can do all your editing processes with Point Finder Options Panel and other panels. Please take a look at the processes below after setup.
  • Please configure your Permalink settings as Post name from Settings > Permalinks section.
  • Please edit Taxonomy, posts, page, categories sections to your own preference by using Options Panel > System Settings > Post Type Settings
  • Please configure your Point Styles by using this tutorial. This configuration is important to see map icons on the map area.
  • If you are going to use Frontend Upload System please check Options Panel > Frontend Upload Form section for configuration.