1.1.Signing up and access to membership packages by Users

Users who sign up for your website for free see the “Purchase” link to buy membership package. They are also directed to this site during an attempt to add a new item. Members can carry out purchase procedures in different manners on this site.

1.2.Purchasing by Package Type:

As you can see in the management panel, you can create membership packages with any desired limits. Members begin the purchasing process by choosing one of these packages that you have created. These packages can be named as follows according to their types.

1.2.1.Paid Package Purchase Procedure (no Trial);

For example: Assuming that our package limits are as follows:
3 item/1 featured/every 30 days/10 image limit/no Trial Period/10$ price

  • Users will encounter payment options in such packages.
  • His/her package will be rendered available for usage upon your approval (or automatically) after completion of the payment process.
  • Items can be uploaded until the expiry date of the package. Uploading limit will be 3 items or 1 featured item. The picture uploading limit will be 10 for each item to be uploaded.
  • Payment will be requested every 30 days for the package.
  • In case of failure to effect payment, all the uploaded items will be suspended until payment.


1.2.2.Paid Package Purchase (with Trial);

For example: Assuming that our package limits are as follows:
3 item/1 featured/every 30 days/10 image limit/with 2 days Trial Period/10$ price

All limits provided in clause 1.2.1 will apply in a package that you will create in this manner. The different option:
1-) During package payment, the user will be offered the options of free purchase or paid purchase. If free purchase is chosen, the package will expire after 2 days. In case of paid purchase, it will expire after 30 days and trial period will be out of use.
2-) In case of free purchase, payment (renew) will be requested after 2 days. When renewal is done, the package can be continued to be used through renewal every 30 days.
Not: When the package is renewed, expiry date will start from the payment date.

1.2.3.Free Purchase Procedure

For example: Assuming that our package limits are as follows:
3 item/1 featured/every 30 days/10 image limit/no Trial Period./ 0$ price (Free)

First of all, you may not benefit from the trial period in this option. Since the package is already free of charge, this process will be useless. In limits in free packages will be applied in the same manner as clause 1.2.1. The only difference is that no payment will be requested.
The user may renew this package free of charge again when this package expires. The package will not be renewed automatically.
The reason why the package is not renewed automatically is to prevent unlimited publication period of the advertisement by the user by uploading just one and to ensure that advertisement information is maintained up-to-date.

1.3.Payment Options

1.3.1.Paypal Express Checkout: In this payment option, payment is effected for one time for package and the user is expected to make payment by entering payment information again during package renewal.

1.3.2.Paypal Recurring Payments: In this option, the user shall effect payment once during package purchase and the package will be renewed automatically upon expiry. In the event that the user cancels or suspends package payment, the package will automatically turn into Paypal Express Checkout. Payment will be requested on expiry date. This system uses Paypal IPN infrastructure. Please ask for detailed information from help section.

1.3.3.Bank Payment: In this payment system, the package will not be activated immediately after the user confirms the package. It will wait for your activation.

1.3.4.Stripe Payment: Payments effected through this system work like Paypal Express Checkout.

1.4.Renewal Process;

In the renewal process
• Only the existing package is renewed.
• It can be conducted at any desired time.
• If the package has expired, duration of the renewed package will start on date of order.
• If the package has expired, all the adverts will be brought back to their original states after renewal.

1.5.Upgrade process;

Users can upgrade the packages they have purchased. In package upgrading process:
• The number of existing advertisements and featured advertisements will be added. Limits of the package to be purchased have to be higher than the current limits.
• Trial package cannot be used.
• There is no limit. It can be upgraded as much as desired.
• Free package can be acquired, if available.
• If no suitable package can be found, the user may be asked to decrease the number of advertisements.

1.6.Cancellation Process

Users cannot cancel or delete the package they have purchased. This process can only be carried out manually by database access.