1. Users can define only one package to their accounts. This package can be upgraded if desired. However, if they have filled the package limits purchased, they cannot chose a package with lower limit that this one.
  2. Users can renew the packages any time they want. They can renew the packages any time desired and extend their duration through package renewal without waiting for the expiry date.
  3. In renewal of the expired package, all the advertisements uploaded by the user will be published automatically. No additional confirmation will be requested from you. The advertisements will be activated by maintaining the status they had when they expired during the publication process.
  4. The items that have expired will be suspended as “pending payment. For this reason, do not confirm the items with “pending payment” status as you do in Pay Per Post system. The system will give confirmation automatically in system package renewal. This procedure will take place if the advertisement has “Pending Approval” status. If not, the advertisement will be activated after renewal as “publish.” The users will see the items of the expired package as “suspended.”
  5. Users with expired packages cannot edit or upload advertisements.
  6. The admin can access any user (s)he wishes to and change the package limits. However, only the user can change the type of the package.
  7. If the user upgrades his/her package to a more comprehensive package, the remaining duration and limits will be reset and limits of the new package will start to apply. However, items that have already been uploaded will be deducted from the new package limit. Expiry date will start on the purchase date of the new package.
  8. The users can delete the advertisements in their packages without obtaining confirmation.
  9. If you start to use your membership packages and change the package content after creating your membership packages, your users will be affected by this. Package information is read from the main package, not according to each order. For this reason, I do not recommend alteration or deletion of packages used.
  10. You can experience problems if you return to pay per post system after activating the membership system. For this reason, I do not recommend changing it again once you activate the system.
  11. If you have moved your site from Pay per post system to Membership system later, please deactivate your theme and that activate it again. Timed tasks will change in this manner.
  12. Package upgrading and renewal buttons of users who have made payment with Paypal Recurring Payment are not visible. In order for these users to be able to change their packages, they need to log into Paypal panels whereby they cancel recurring payment or to cancel their recurring profiles by visiting the profile page. Afterwards, they can carry out the procedures relating to their packages.
  13. If the Paypal Recurring Payments option will be activated, please specify your package durations as 1 year in maximum. You might encounter problems as this payment method does not cover longer periods.
  14. If you were using Pay Per Post system before, the system will not recognize the advertisements uploaded by your users before once you make changes in the membership package system. For this reason, it will not deduct these advertisements from the package to be purchased. However, when the user carries out package upgrade…
  15. When a free package is renewed, its duration is extended as long as the package period starting from the renewal time. This feature is only available in free packages.
  16. If you delete order records of users’ membership packages in PF Orders Table, problems will emerge in expiry date etc. information of the member. For this reason, I do not recommend deletion of records from this section. If you do so unintentionally, you can assign a new package to the profile page of the user by entering from the admin panel.
  17. If the user has not purchased any packages, you can specify a free package to this user from his/her profile page and change its limits.