By reviewing the image below, you can obtain detailed information on Item Detail Page and the sections under it.
Note: The view on the left is admin panel, and the view on the right is item detail page.

  1. You can adjust Sidebar position from this section.
  2. You can enable Opening Hours feature which will be used under Directory mode. In the case that this section is enabled, the area of this module in 6th section (right side of image) will also be enabled. At the same time, it will be possible to make entrance for this module on the add item page.
  3. You can enable/disable Comments module.
  4. You can enable/disable the Share Bar in the 4th section (right side of image).
  5. Page Section Config: This section allows you to enable/disable section tabs in item detail page. At the same time, you can determine the order of tabs by moving the titles in this section.
  6. When you click on any title, a detailed configuration page for respective title will be opened. In this way, you can enable/disable the modules or rename them. In the image above on the left side, you can see the sample detail window when 5th (right side of image) area is clicked.

    Important Note: The module that you move to the top in the section order will be the first module as it is shown in the image above on the right side and will be displayed on Share Bar.

  7. In this section, you can edit the area where general item information called Information is present. You can place the modules in this area as you wish. The only thing you should do is to move the module that you will use from Disabled area to Enabled area and save the settings.

You will find a number of setting page under Item Detail Page option apart from the settings mentioned above. These are Author Page Settings, Gallery Settings, Contact Settings and Report Item Settings. Descriptions of the sections are as below;

  • Author Page Settings: In this section, settings with regard to item owner page which is accessed through Contact Tab. You will find two controls under this section. First of them is;
    Blog Posts: By using this setting, you can determine whether the blog posts of the author will be displayed or not in the author page.
    Record Not Found Error: It is the setting for displaying record not found error when the item could not be found.
  • Gallery Settings: In this section, you can configure detailed settings of Gallery Module which you can see in the 5th section from the image above. You can change many settings such as animation or thumbnail from this section.
  • Contact Settings: In this section, you can configure settings of Contact Module which you can see in the 5th section from the image above. This section controls Agent ant Author contact sections.
  • Report Item Settings: In this section, you can configure settings with regard to Report item feature in the Share Bar which you can see in the 4th section from the image above.