1. Please leave the remaining options the same except for the sections below where you will make changes.
  2. Please don’t make additional configurations in Admin Options Panels located under PF Settings. Only the changes you make in main language shall be valid. You can translate the writings located in these panels by using “String Translation” section.
  3. Since Point Finder has a specially made “Language Selector”, you can’t do any configuration in language selector. Making configurations in Menu or Widget section is optional.

Step 1

First of all, click on WPML > Languages menu and open the page that is seen in image. Here, you need to configure “Language URL format” option. You can choose one of the options seen in the image to the left side, which is indicated in red box. Then click on “Save” button.
Note: After this choice, please check your permalink options in Settings > Permalinks section. In case of any corruption, revert it back to original state.

Step 2

Click on WPML > Theme and plugins localization page and open the page that is seen on the image. Choose the first of the sections which is indicated within red box in the image, select “Translate by WPML” and click “Save” button. And then choose the other as “WPML will automatically …” option and click on “Save” button.

Step 3

In the page which is mentioned in previous step, click on “Scan the theme for strings” button in “Strings in the theme” section and wait. This way, WPML scans the strings in your website and saves it to the system for translation.

Step 4

Open WPML > Translation options page. Configure the various fields as indicated on the image on the left side. Then press “Save” button for each field.

Step 5

Open WPML > Taxonomy Translation page. Choose the taxonomy you would like to edit from above and as you can see from the image on the left side, translate each component by writing “Name” section. Since system creates slug and description section itself, you don’t have to write them.

Please continue to WPML String Translation section to translate admin options and manually entered strings.