This payment gateway only available for v1.8.8 or higher versions of Pointfinder.

Connect to the 2Checkout panel and open Integrations > Webhooks & API section

  1. Copy Merchant Code to the PointFinder > Payment Gateways > 2Checkout API > Merchant ID section
  2. Click to eye icon and copy the secret word to the PointFinder > Payment Gateways > 2Checkout API > Secret Word section.
  3. Enable return after sale section and type -> this is dashboard page my items URL. You should write your dashboard page my items page URL. Select “Header redirect” as the Return method.
  4. Click to “Configure IPN” button and set up IPN settings and enable. You can find more details in the next step.

Please complete below settings.

  1. The IPN URL must be your website domain name.
  2. Please choose marked areas on the left image by using the “General IPN Settings.”
  3. Go to the end of the page and click to update button to save it.

Please open Pointfinder Theme > Backend > PF Settings > Payment Gateways Panel and add requested information.