You can find the Panel page on WordPress Admin Panel > PF Settings > Options Panel > Frontend Upload System > Paypal Settings

If you have activated paid item upload, you should make required settings for Paypal from this section. You can find how to configure these settings from the sections below. Please be sure that you have carefully completed each step. The system will not work in case of any wrong setup.

  1. Enable/Disable Paypal System
  2. Set up Live or Sandbox Mode
  3. Recurring Payments option.
  4. If this enabled, the system will only accept Verified Paypal Users
  5. This information for only Paypal Transactions. And will not use another field. (Like custom fields)
  6. Please check Setup Paypal Settings for more information.
  7. Paypal currency decimal config. You can set this for your currency. Please do not change if you don’t know this config info.