To allow your visitors to log in with their Twitter account, first you must create a Twitter App. The following guide will help you through the Twitter App creation process.

Please follow below steps;

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in with your Twitter credentials if you are not logged in yet
  3. If you don’t have a developer account yet, please apply one by filling all the required details! This is required for the next steps!
  4. Once your developer account is complete, navigate back to if you aren’t already there!
  5. Fill the App name, Application description fields. Then enter your site’s URL to the Website URL field:
  6. Tick the checkbox next to Enable Sign in with Twitter!
  7. Add the following URL to the “Callback URLs” field:
    (This must be your dashboard URL & replace with your existing domain name.)
  8. Fill the “Terms of Service URL”, “Privacy policy URL” and “Tell us how this app will be used” fields!
  9. Click the Create button.
  10. Read the Developer Terms and click the Create button again!
  11. Select the Permissions tab and click Edit.
  12. Tick the Request email address from users under the Additional permissions section and click Save.
  13. Go to the Keys and tokens tab and find the API key and API secret key
  14. Open WordPress Admin Panel > PF Settings > Additional Settings Panel > Social Login Settings and paste copied info to the red marked area.
  15. Then save admin panel configuration.
  16. Congratulations! Setup is finished.