Before starting the setup process, prepare the zip file that you will install and make sure all required hosting settings completed.

If you downloaded Point Finder theme by clicking on “All files & documentation” link, extract the zip file that you downloaded and use inside for setup. If you downloaded it by clicking on the “Installable WordPress Only” link, directly use that file to install.

  1. Open Appearance > Themes section.
  2. After clicking on Install Themes section, click on the Upload button.
  3. Find file that you prepared before and add it.
  4. Activate the theme after upload.
  5. You can continue the process with Quick Setup which is run automatically.
  6. After activating the theme, you will see a notification above that says “activate the required & recommended plugins”. This message will be visible until the plugin setup is completed. Click here to see Plugin Installation tutorial.

If you receive an error message or a message such as “Are You Sure You Want To Do This?” during setup, please make an FTP installation. This means the file is too large for the upload size of your hosting. You can try again by increasing your upload size from your hosting settings or you can make an FTP installation.