We made an important structure and system changes with v1.9 and please back up your database and customizations before applying the update. Then, please follow below procedures to complete the update;

  1. Please activate PointFinder Core Elements plugin immediately. Otherwise, you can not see your listings and options panel settings. The theme’s new version completely moved into the plugin and you must activate it to continue using the theme.
    Automatic Plugin Installation
    Manual Plugin Installation
  2. If you are using WordPress translation option, please follow this tutorial to merge existing translations with the new system;
    How to convert your existing translation file after the v1.9 update?
  3. If you using WPML, please control your translations and report us, if you meet with any problem.
  4. If you are using Google reCaptcha, please go to Options Panel > reCaptcha section and create & add your new keys to the Options panel. PointFinder doesn’t use the reCaptcha v2 anymore & reCaptcha panel moved into the Options Panel. You can find a tutorial about Google reCaptcha on this address;
    How can I configure Google reCaptcha?
  5. If the Pointfinder Core Elements plugin is activated and still you couldn’t see PF Settings menu and listings, please check your theme text domain and version. Theme version must be v1.9 and upper version and theme text domain or parent theme text domain must be pointfinder.
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