You can translate the theme to another language by using Loco Translate plugin. Please follow the steps;

Go to Plugins > Add New and type Loco Translate to the keyword section. Install Loco Translate and activate it. After activate plugin, find Loco Translate menu and click it. Please find Pointfinder and Pointfinder Core Elements links and continue to step 2.

Firstly, click to the pointfinder link and then click to New Language link.
Note: We will do the same process for the PointFinder Core Elements plugin. Please follow the same steps for both of them. Continue to step 3.

Choose your theme main language and choose SYSTEM selection from the page then press Start translating. Continue to Step 4.

Search for the word which you looking for and add translated word to the translation section like the image on the left then press Save button. If you can’t see the translated text on your website, please update pointfinder.pot file and pointfindercoreelements.pot file and then press to Sync button to see new words on your screen.